My Love-At-First-Sight..

If I say I’m in absolute euphoria,
Won’t you wanna know why!
Its implausible though,
Yet I’m gonna give it a try.

A lot is in heart that’s ranging a height,
Oh dear! its about my “love at first sight”

Well, I’ve heard some calling it stupid,
And some immature..
But for me,it was life-changing,
And about that I’m pretty sure.

The moment is still fresh in me
When she first passed by,
How my heart drummed within..
And I left a sigh!

It entirely tickled my bag of bones
With a gush of wind on face,
Felt the foot loose down…
I think i was free-floating in space.

Oh god! My frame of mind..
Was like that chilled ice in wine,
And with all that suddenly happening..
I admitted “I wasn’t fine”!!

When deep within me..
Were those nameless feelings laid,
I think I understood totally,
Why are “Hearts” made!

Then when my emotions geared
Presto,from high to low…
“Who’re you oh girl??”
I really wanna know!

This “first-first time”..
Of traversing the new road,
This “feeling-so-intense”..
Just like I was never before!

Was there someone now,
I really started thinking about!
“Yes boy, you’ve fallen in love.”
So lock on it without any doubt

Much anxiously for me now..
Was the next meeting awaited,
These chancy-dicey meetings uhh!!
In the play of love,are just so hated!

So with one question in head,
“Will I be able to see her again!”
I begged my gracious luck,
And went through the same lane!

Guess what, she actually appeared front my eyes,
“She looked smashing than before!”
I’m really being wise

Once Again those sensations started,
And I instantly froze,
God! My eyes were blocked..
On her magnetizing pose

She too looked back at me,umm…I thought
Or may constant stare got caught!!

Suddenly my smile buttoned up,
And the whole vision blurred..
She was heading towards me,
“Shit! Were my feelings heard?”

In no little time now,
The scene from intense got tense
Its gonna be an awkward moment,
Was what I could sense!!

As soon as she said..
“Umm…Excuse me?”
For my ears was like…
The sweet humming of a bee!!

She called me like that you know why!
To stop me from going n exchange Hellos,
One more time my heart missed a beat,
And that’s how I again froze!

But i eased down pronto,
And we fell in a talk.
Got to know each other..
In that memorable walk

Mesmerized was the air,
With both her looks and talks
There were blushing smiles..
And some affectionate eye-locks

With so much transforming…
I realized something amid..
“You’re the girl I swear on bible,
who i was so longing to be with!!”

Luckily things worked out..
And we were together.
All around me, i felt..
Was an alluring weather.

Good that it all happily ended..
Atleast i got over my self-fight,
But will you believe what she unfolded to me!
That…”it was also HER love-at-first-sight!!!”

Published by itsidiot

Hi Guy's, it's me "its idiot" 21 year old Indian boy. Quite introvert but very expressive in writing. Fitness freak, Bhakt of Bholenath, Aspiring Air Warriors, and joined this platform to make few new good friends and gets inspired by your creativity

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